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This product is no longer sold by MainTree Systems.  It is now offered by Netsmart Technologies.  For current Netsmart customers, please contact your inside sales representative for a demo and current pricing.

Trying to manage your agency's schedule?  Front Desk and Front Desk+ giving you headaches or just not cutting it?  That is where mtSchedule can make your life easier!

mtSchedule is designed to allow the migration of planned event scheduling from support staff to clinical staff, therefore giving the clinical staff more direct control of their own schedules.

mtSchedule is a completely uScript and JavaScript based solution that you can install and have it running out of the box in about 10 minutes.

mtSchedule is not just limited to the features it has out of the box.  Our modular design allows for easy extensibility through the Common Function Library or CFL.  Through the CFL you can handle security, planned event data and action validation, staff and client id validation, the display of additional information in the details window, and more.

We also help alleviate confusion by combining Planned Events and Events into one common scheduling platform.  With mtSchedule, you will be able to handle the past, present, and future all from one program.

Another benefit is our Find Time function that allows you to quickly search and find free time to schedule appointments.

Our Planned Event editor helps protect the integrity of your system by not allowing the alteration of Planned Events that have been printed on a SAL.  It also provides conflict warnings when you are scheduling over existing planned events.

  • NEW FOR 2.0:  Multi Staff Mode & Views
    • Multi Staff Day
    • Multi Staff Time Allocation Grid
  • NEW FOR 2.0:  Color coding of Planned Events and Events based off of Service Code
  • NEW FOR 2.0:  Search for Events / Planned Events across multiple staff
  • Graphical interface that looks like Outlook and many Day Planners
  • uScript extensible
  • Multiple views:
    • Day
    • Week
    • Time Allocation Grid
    • Quarter
    • Year
  • Ability to find available time for planned events (NEW FOR 2.0: Functions for multiple staff)
  • User creatable uScript based data and action validation for the Planned Event Editor
  • Individual settings so that each user can set their own office hours and planned event defaults
  • Plug In system for extending the Day View display
  • The ability to create a uScript based security system to control user switching and schedule editing
  • mtSchedule is written completely in uScript and JavaScript
  • No components are required on the workstation
  • Low MIS resource requirements
  • Source code for the Planned Event Editor and Event Display modules are included.
  • Code framework files for the CFL and Day View Plug In system
  • Example uScript for Planned Event reconciliation from the (Planned) Event Details menu
  • 3 Day View Plug Ins included:
    • Day Memo - A personal memo space that is definable for each day.  Utilizes rich text editing to allow for changes in font size and color
    • Quick Launch - A definable set of uScripts and URLs for quick access in the day view
    • Shortcuts - Place your BUI shortcuts inside of the day view
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